So you're a designer, not a programmer and you need to get a database online real quick. Well Rod's a great programmer and he's online right now to help you.

Rod the Robot is in early Beta Test
after this first test phase his functionality will be greatly
extended beyond what you will see in the following pages.

What does Rod do?

He allows you to generate ASP pages that you can use on your site to search and display the contents of a MS Access database.
What's an ASP page? How do you do that? What will he be able to do after this Beta test? Are you sure it'll work? What do these pages look like?
An ASP page is just the same as an ordinary HTML web page except it has programming instructions threaded through it.

There is a very useful page on the Microsoft site about getting a server and ASP's running on your PC, but you don't need to read that, just use Rod instead.

In this beta you tell him what your field names are and their types. You then select which fields are searched on and which are displayed - and that's it. He generates 3 pages for you.

'Search Form' page where you enter the search word or phrase

'Search Results' page that displays any matches

'Details' page that shows full details on a selected item

Rod will allow you to upload your database to this site where he will proceed to analyze it's structure. You won't have to describe to him how the tables and fields are set-up, he'll know.

He will allow a greater level of control over the scripts that he generates as well as allow you to deal with images and 'plug in' content management features so you can update your database while online.

Your site will have to be running on a server capable of running ASP pages, like MS IIS (Internet Information Server) or MS PWS (Personal Web Server - PWS runs on nearly all modern Windows OS's apart from XP Home and ME). You shouldn't even need to arrange your database with your website hosters, as long as your site's on the correct server (don't know - check here) you can simply upload the database and ASP pages and it should work just like that. The pages that Rod makes have no design applied to them, they're just plain vanilla.

Once you take delivery of them you may then apply your own design to them using MS FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver or most other web page editors.

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Rod needs you!

Please use Rod in this basic stage and let him know what you think of the scripts that he generates and how well they work. Also let him know what you would really like from an online robot programmer. All those who provide useful and original ideas will be made a friend of Rod's...for life!


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